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The Pearl Kuala Lumpur

Stay Safe, Fellow Malaysians !

Dear Valued Guests,

As we go through this unprecedented time, we would like to thank our loyal patrons and guests for their patience, support, and understanding.


In line with the “Clean & Safe Malaysia” hygiene and safety label that was awarded to The Pearl Kuala Lumpur, we have improved and enhanced our daily disinfecting procedure – with the SteriPro UVC disinfection robot!

It upgrades and enhances our current manual daily cleaning process with extremely simple, automated, contactless disinfection. With its powerful lamps, it easily reaches high-touch surfaces – furniture, door handles, and nothing is out of reach from the SteriPro UVC.

The robot features motion sensors that shut down the device instantly if anybody walks into the room/area, thus preventing unwanted exposure to the UVC. It is contactless disinfection and a preventive procedure in our hotel.

The management intends to maintain:

-Safe working conditions for employees
-End-consumers reassurance
-Compliance with local regulations
-A consistent approach across all sites.


Hence, please continue to have peace of mind when you step into The Pearl Kuala Lumpur, whether you dine-in or are enjoying your night’s stay with us. We are “Clean & Safe” and have upgraded to a whole new level with the newest technology SteriPro, a UVC disinfection robot!

You are most welcome to connect with us anytime at https://wa.link/2k9a6q +6016 331 8724 or 03-7983 1111 for any enquiries.

 Stay Safe and Be Safe – Fellow Malaysians!